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Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

By Doug Abelin, CTVA

CTVA is nearing the successful completion of an effort that has taken over twenty-years.  Yep, it’s what it has taken to get an outhouse put in place at a trailhead.  That’s a long time to have to “wait to go” but the project is finally being fulfilled.

A single-hole biffy is scheduled to be installed sometime around the middle of May at the Never Sweat Trailhead Parking Area, up the Magpie drainage, in the Big Belt Mountains.

By Mike Jeffords, Ravalli County Off Road Users Association

A new year, a new riding season. As many of you know, Ravalli County Off Road Users lost our lawsuit against the forest service and as a result one of our most enjoyable trails will continue to be off limits to motorized use, at least for the time being.  Our loss on this lawsuit that has not stopped our work with the forest service toward planning and constructing new trails.

The first trail project coming this summer is a new trail up the east fork of the Bitterroot. Last fall we completed all the paper work, comments and red tape necessary and we were given the green light on building this new trail. We had time to go out for bids and get a contractor, sign papers and lock down funding.  The new trail will be constructed this spring and early summer with the intention to have a formal trail opening in early July.

By Dan Thompson, Ravalli County Off Road User Association (RCORUA)

At a special meeting in December, RCORUAs Board of Directors authorized the purchase of new trail counters.  The Board sees a need to collect quantitative data on OHV trail use in the Bitterroot so the Association can better focus maintenance activities on trails that are more heavily used and to help justify requests for construction of new trails to the Forest Service.

By Doug Abelin, CTVA

During this upcoming summer season CTVA, and any other willing individuals will be working with the Helena Forest District, Helena National Forest supervisor’s office and staff to relocate a section of the OHV trail route within the Lava Mountain OHV Trail System, located west of Clancy Montana.  The use of the entire trail is currently limited because of a short, poorly located route that was established about 100 years ago during the period the area was being mined.  The reroute of the section has been needed for many years and will improve the usability of the route for all users by establishing a secure stable route, mitigating erosion and improving user safety.

For more information contact CTVA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

by Bob Walker with information from the Great Western Trail Association

Great news!  The Great Western Trail is now complete from Arizona to West Yellowstone Montana!  Mike Titus, representing the GWT Association, invested many hours in discussions with the USDA Forest Service in Montana and Idaho, with Bob Walker, Montana Trail Rider News editor, Jason Howell, President of the Montana Snowmobile Association, and various members of the Board of MTVRA to make this first connection in Montana.  After gaining all approvals necessary from the land managing agency, the Great Western Trail signs were installed last fall by staff of the Hebgen Lake Ranger District!  We understand that there will be a dedication of this connection this summer.  More details to come later.