Latest Newsletter


Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

Hello All,

Growing up in Frenchtown, MT on what must be one of the tiniest haying operations in the state had its perks and seeming infinite places to ride a bicycle and wander were to big ones. Learning to drive truck and tractors earlier than most was also great fun. Receiving my first motorcycle was something I’ll never forget though. Having a motor and two wheels created a lot of freedom to explore the area near where I grew up. There was a lot of wonder and excitement for me tooling around on the roads and trails, finding out where each one ended or what it connected to. Being on the lookout for the next new trail to follow down its rabbit hole absorbed many of my evenings. Over the years I put a lot of hours on that old Honda CR80, which was my first motorcycle and created a lot of great memories in the process.

Fall greetings from the Board of Directors and myself. It’s been a hot, busy summer for everyone. I hope you got out and enjoyed the OHV opportunities throughout our state and in your area.

The Bull Run Guest Ranch hosted the July 28th Board meeting. We met early, went for a ride before starting the meeting which carried thru until mid-afternoon. Over a working lunch, items were discussed, and decisions made that you need to know about early and put on your calendar.