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Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

One-Time Registration Not Transferrable!

By Bob Walker, Editor

In the 1990s, Montana’s legislature revised the motor vehicle registration program for many vehicles. Those affected were OHVs which include off-highway motorcycles and ATVs (quadricycles), snowmobiles, motorcycles, trailers and others. This change allowed owners of those vehicles to purchase a one-time registration for the vehicle/s they own.

The one-time registration does not transfer to a new owner of an OHV or motorcycle when sold or traded in. The best advice to sellers of OHVs is to remove the permanent registration decal prior to transfer of the vehicle to the new owner or to a business where you have traded in the vehicle. The best advice to the purchaser of a used or new OHV is go to your county treasurer’s office and register the machine appropriately.

Your OHV registration fees are transferred to a special revenue account with Fish, Wildlife & Parks for use in the state OHV program. 

Following find legal information from Montana Code Annotated. If you have questions, contact your county treasurer.

61-3-321 (8)(a) “…the one-time registration fee for otorcycles and quadricycles (ATVs) registered for use on public highways is $53.25, and the one-time registration fee for motorcycles and quadricycles registered for both off-road use and for use on the public highways is $114.50.

61-3-321 (8)(b) An additional fee of $16 must be collected for the registration of each motorcycle or quadricycle as a safety fee, which must be deposited in the state motorcycle safety account.